HYP Steering Committee


Become a Leader

The Steering Committee keeps Habitat and HYP on-track with its mission and is responsible for:

  • Strategic planning
  • Volunteer and community engagement
  • Creating fun, meaningful and safe experiences for our volunteers
  • Advocating for affordable housing

To join the next crew of leaders, or if you have ideas of other ways in which you can help, please drop us a line. Let us know your interests, and we’ll target an opportunity that best utilizes your talents.

Jenna Caluza, Committee Chair

Jenna’s first experience volunteering with Habitat for Humanity was on a mission trip to help rebuild Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina hit.  Born and raised in Seattle, she has seen the ups and downs of the local housing market and many of her friends have moved out of the area due to lack of affordable housing. Habitat does amazing work to help keep people in the area and support families who really need it.  She hopes to connect young professionals with Habitat’s volunteer opportunities and Build the HYP!

Frank Hinck, Committee Vice-Chair

After 4 years on staff with Habitat for Humanity New York City (2 years in AmeriCorps + 2 years as ReStore Manager) in March 2016 Frank moved from NYC to Seattle with his girlfriend.  Through his time in AmeriCorps he was able to work side-by-side with future Habitat homeowners and was inspired by their determination. Frank’s goal is to help spread Habitat’s mission in Seattle/King County, and to open up volunteer opportunities to our young professionals.

Yan Perng, Secretary

Life has definitely been an adventure so far: ten years in Portland, another ten in Taipei, and I hope the next ten in Seattle… biotech engineering, entertainment industry, law school… and last but not least, three cats. Every day I am in awe about how these unique experiences have fallen almost perfectly together to form the life I lead as a business, intellectual property, and gaming attorney in the Pacific Northwest. I hope you leverage these experiences and skills to now help HYP further its mission of connecting young professionals with the great work being done at Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County!

Lydia Segovia, Treasurer

Bio coming soon!

Amy Farley, Events and Fundraising Chair

Amy participated in Habitat builds during college, but after that chose to volunteer through other organizations. Two years after moving to Seattle and seeing the impact of the high cost of housing on low income families, she decided to get back into Habitat. In her free time, Amy is currently studying software development, enjoys networking in Seattle’s tech community, and loves planning events for friends and former coworkers.

Erik Lehmann, Volunteer Chair

Erik didn’t have any experience with Habitat prior to moving to Seattle back in the summer of 2014. But after arriving, and seeing the difficulties that people in the area have with acquiring affordable housing, decided to get involved. He sees volunteering and giving back as a good way to meet like minded, out-going professionals as well as truly becoming a member of the community. And if that doesn’t work, give people something that was 3-D printed. Everyone likes things that are 3-D printed.

Michelle Huynh, Marketing Chair

Michelle started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County back in 2011. After a few years leveraging her social media skills for the Seattle Store, she took a break to pursue her MBA at the Foster School of Business and is now back as Marketing Chair for HYP (with MBA in tow)! Michelle hopes to spread the message about the need for affordable housing in the Seattle area and especially among the young professionals crowd.

Alix Meyer, Member At-Large

Alix came to Washington State in May of 2016 to work at Camp River Ranch, a Girl Scout camp in Carnation, WA. In September, she moved to North Seattle with her boyfriend to start her career in Community Development. Alix’s ideal Sunday would be reading Kurt Vonnegut novels, drinking coffee out of her Neil DeGrass Tyson mug, and sitting in her backyard on a sunny day.

Harrison Detwiler, Member At-Large

Bio coming soon!


We take resourceful thinkers and doers and develop future leaders. Join a Committee and see your ideas through to fruition! The following positions are currently open to anyone who has experience in the respective area.

Events Co-Chair
Role Description: The Social Events Chair helps enable HYP host events regularly, and works with other Steering Committee members to increase the level of enjoyment and fun for everyone! From happy hours, post-build get togethers, and special events – this position is about organizing and bringing people together to have a good time, connected by a good cause. This role is vital to the success of HYP not only because we like to have fun, but because it is often the gateway for newcomers who want to come check us out before joining a build.

Fundraising Chair
Role Description: The Fundraising Chair is responsible for creating a development plan, recruiting and managing fundraising committee members, organizing fundraising events and tracking donations.

Advocacy Chair
Role DescriptionThe Advocacy Chair is a new role on the Steering Committee. We would like to see this person work with the affiliate to develop an advocacy plan, develop educational materials to share with our members, and build relationships with other young professionals groups and relevant organizations.

To apply, please fill out the application form online and then send an email to seattlehyp@gmail.com with a copy of your resume. All applicants who have not previously been involved with HYP will go through a 60-90 day “dating period” to ensure the role is a good fit for both HYP and the candidate. Don’t worry… we won’t bite. We just want to make sure that it’s a good fit for both sides and won’t take it personally if you decide during that time that we are not the organization for you.